10 things you didn’t know about pot

24 April 2008



I think the cat’s in heat again…

16 April 2008


Orange Jews

9 April 2008

Appologies to anyone who finds this offensive.

Facebook Anthem

9 April 2008

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m F*cking Matt Damon

7 April 2008

Watch this…

Then this…

A Walk In The Woods

7 April 2008

Totally weird… click image to watch…

Thank God You’re Here

3 April 2008

Channel 10 Australian Improvisation show:

Thank God You’re Here is based on a simple premise: get a group of well known performers and make each walk through a door into a scene without any idea of who they are or what they’re walking into. It might be an operating theatre and a simple greeting, Thank God you’re here, Doctor. The patient’s ready. It may be a Roman dungeon, a boardroom, a starship or a talk show. The only things they can depend on are their abilities to make everything up for the next five minutes and cover their tracks as they do it.