Twelve Days of Christmas

15 December 2004

  • 14 Dec

    Dearest John

    I went to the door and the postman delivered a partridge in a pear tree.
    What a delightful gift. I couldn’t have been more surprised.

    With dearest love and affection,


  • 15 Dec

    Dearest John,

    Today the postman brought your very sweet gift. Just imagine, two turtle
    doves … I’m just delighted at your very thoughtful gift. They are just

    All my love,


  • 16 Dec

    Dear John

    Oh aren’t you the extravagant one! Now I must protest. I don’t deserve such
    generosity. Three French hens. They are just darling, but I must insist….
    you are too kind.



  • 17 Dec

    Dear John

    Today the postman delivered four calling birds. Now really! They are too
    beautiful, but don’t you think enough is enough? You’re being too romantic.


  • 18 Dec

    Dearest John

    What a surprise! Today the postman delivered five golden rings! One for each
    finger. You’re just impossible, but I love it. Frankly, John all those
    squawking birds were beginning to get on my nerves.

    All my love,


  • 19 Dec

    Dear John

    When I opened the door there were actually six geese a-laying on my front
    steps. So you’re back to the birds again, huh? Those geese are huge! Where
    ever will I keep them? The neighbours are complaining and I can’t sleep
    through all the racket.




  • 20 Dec


    What’s with you and the f…. birds? Seven swans-a-swimming. What kind of a
    goddam joke is this? There’s bird shit all over the house and they never
    stop the racket. I’m a nervous wreck and I can’t sleep at night.
    IT’S NOT FUNNY … so stop with the f… birds!



  • 21 Dec


    I think I prefer the birds. What the hell am I going to do with eight maids
    a-milking? It’s not enough with all those birds and eight maids a-milking,
    but they had to bring their own goddam cows. There is shit all over the lawn
    and I can’t move in and out of my own house. Just lay off me. SMART ASS.


  • 22 Dec

    Hey Shithead,

    What are you? Some kind of sadist? Now there’s nine pipers piping. And boy,
    do they pipe! They haven’t stopped chasing those maids since they got here.
    The cows are upset and stepping all over the screeching birds. No wonder
    they screech. What am I going to do? The neighbours have started a petition
    to evict me. You’ll get yours.



  • 23 Dec

    You Rotten Jerk,

    Now there’s ten ladies dancing – I don’t know why I call those tarts ladies.
    They’ve been all over the nine pipers all night long. Now the cows can’t
    sleep and they’ve got diarrhoea. My living room is a river of shit. The
    commissioner of buildings has subpoenaed me to give cause why the building
    shouldn’t be condemned. I’m setting the police on you.
    One who means it,


  • 24 Dec

    Listen asshole,

    What’s with the eleven lords a-leaping of those maids and the aforementioned
    “ladies”? Some of those broads will never walk again. Those pipers ran
    through the maids and are after the cows now! All 234 of the birds are dead.
    They have been trampled to death in the orgy. I hope you’re satisfied you
    rotten swine.

    Your sworn enemy,

    Agnes McCallister

  • 25 Dec (from the offices of Taeker, Spreder and Baeger)

    Dear Sir,

    This is to acknowledge your latest gift of twelve drummers drumming, which
    you’ve seen fit to inflict on our client, Miss Agnes McCallister. The
    destruction, of course, was total. All correspondence should come to our
    attention. If you should attempt to reach Miss McCallister at the Happy-Dale
    Sanitarium, the attendants have instructions to shoot you on sight. With
    this letter, please find a warrant for your arrest attached.

    Taeker, Spreder and Baeger – Attorneys at Law


Get your mind out of the gutter

15 December 2004

What is a four-letter word that ends in k and means the same as intercourse?

What is it that a cow has four of and a woman has only two of?

What word starts with f and ends with u-c-k?

What does a dog do that you can step into?

What four letter word begins with f and ends with k, and if you can’t get
one you can use your hands?

What four-letter word ends in i-t and is found on the bottom of birdcages?

What is it that all men have one of; it’s longer on some men than on others;
the pope doesn’t use his; and a man gives it to his wife after they’re
last name


13 December 2004

Get Firefox!

A moment to reflect…

2 December 2004

With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person which almost went unnoticed last week. Larry La Prise, the man who wrote the song “The Hokey Pokey“, died peacefully at age 93. The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin. They put his left leg in. And then the trouble started.

The ZoomQuilt

2 December 2004

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