14 April 2006

It’s been ages since my last post, loads has happened since:

I have a new job! It wasn’t east to leave M-Net New Media, because I was leaving a lot of friends and some fantastic projects behind, but after about 5 years, I needed a change. I am now working for BTG Outsource – Still based at M-Net but working on an entirely differnt set of projects, and a new crowd of people. I have been there for 2 weeks now, and although I’m still finding my feet, there are a couple of nifty things in the pipeline, and I will be exposed to some exciting technologies. These include Shairpoint, K2, Active Directory, a project called Saturn, and MAM. All very different from what I’m used to!

Two of my best friends wives have had baby boys. Sarina, Gregs wife, gave birth to Ryan John Macpherson in February, and Andria, Adriano’s Wife, gave birth to Dante Joseph Romano only yesterday. I’m really proud of them!

I also installed a wireless network this morning in my appartment. So now i can be an internet addict in any room